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Having a good support group can make the difference between success and failure on your diet.  First of all, look for a support group for your geographical region, that can help you find local low carb foods and recipes that suit your lifestyle.  This may provide sufficient support, or you might like to add another group for specialist support for your particular diet, recipes, etc.

There are dozens of support groups on the web for low carb dieters. Probably the best single place to find support mailing lists is Yahoo Groups, where you can find many low carb support groups, including LowcarbOz, the first low carb support group  for Australian low carb dieters.

South Beach Diet support groups - check out our list of South Beach Diet Support groups in our South Beach Diet section.

Australian Low Carb Support Groups

LowcarbOz is a free email discussion list that aims to provide mutual support for Australians who are on a low carb diet such as Atkins, protein power, carbohydrate addicts, or the zone.

Weight Loss List
Free weight loss tips and information on low-carb diets, weight loss surgery, zone diet, weight watchers points, fat loss, diet pills, and more.



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