Low carb seasons and holidays

Enjoy your low carb diets throughout the seasons and holidays.  Take a look at what other low carb dieters are writing about low carb diets and Christmas, New Year and beyond.

Hiroshige - The Four Seasons
Hiroshige - The Four Seasons
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Christmas - Low Carb
Christmas again? We'd like to remind you that you don't have to give up your low carb lifestyle.  A bit of planning and you can have all the Christmas goodies you heart desires.  We recommend you start with a good low carb Christmas cookbook.

New Year - Low Carb
New Year is the time to commit or recommit to your low carb diet.  While you're working on your New Year's resolutions, check out what low carb dieters are writing in their weblogs about their resolutions and goals.

Valentine's Day - Low Carb
Yes, its that time of year again - Valentine's  Day is on the way, with thoughts of love, romance, hearts, flowers ....and chocolates!  But low carb dieters needn't despair - there are a variety of low carb chocolate solutions available.  To get into the mood, read through our collection of articles on Valentine's Day, its origins and romantic traditions.  Then check out our low carb chocolate pages!

Easter - Low Carb
Yes, its the Easter season again.  A joyous religious celebration, and also a time of rabbits, eggs, and Easter foods.  Many of the traditions of Easter have their origins in ancient spring celebrations.  Eostre was the Saxon Goddess of dawn, spring, and new beginnings. Her symbols included the rabbit, which she empowered to lay eggs, once a year, at the beginning of spring. 


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Four Seasons
Four Seasons
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