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If you live in Australia, Australian low carb support groups can help you find low carb foods and low carb recipes that suit your lifestyle. They'll also be more relevant for seasonal foods - icecream in January, hot soup in July, NOT the other way around!

LowcarbOz is a free email discussion list that aims to provide mutual support for Australians who are on a low carb diet such as Atkins, protein power, carbohydrate addicts, or the zone.  You can join LowcarbOz at its Yahoo website:  

Active Low-Carber Forum - Australia & NZ   Lots of posts about the availability (or lack of) low carb foods.

Empower Foods Forum  A very active forum , with lots of low carb recipes, including recipes for Empower low carb food products.

Picture of Health forum  Topics include low carb recipes, supplements, fitness, & members diaries.

Eating Atkins - Live Victoria support group and message board


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