Low Carb Foods

Information about the foods you eat on a low carb diet.  Your diet should concentrate on natural, unprocessed food, including a variety of low carb vegetables.  

Also see our list of  Australian low carb foods.

Eat real foods
Food for low carb diets:  Low carb food should be mostly natural, unprocessed food.  You should concentrate on having adequate protein and fibre in your diet.

Cheese and Calcium
Americans, especially teenage girls, women, and older adults, need to eat more foods that contain calcium. It is estimated that more than 80 percent of young women and teenage girls are not consuming enough calcium. And the time for greatest bone growth, which requires lots of calcium, begins in the teen years and extends to age 35. 

An egg is very nutritious and makes a valuable contribution to the diet. Eggs may be eaten in place of meat, as they are an excellent source of high quality protein. Eggs contain all nine essential amino acids as well as supply 11 essential nutrients including vitamins A, D, E, thiamin, niacin, and riboflavin plus iron and phosphorus. One to two eggs are considered a serving and may be substituted in place of a 2-3 ounce (60-90 g) serving of meat, fish or poultry.

low carb chocolate 
There's no food that stirs the passions like chocolate.  Whether its dark, white, or in between, chocolate is one of the all-time favorite foods and flavours. And YES!  You CAN eat chocolate on a low carb diet!  Of course, you need to find a sugar-free chocolate that uses a low carb sweetener.

Review - Dreamfields Pasta
there's a new Pasta on the market - Dreamfields pasta.  Its made with real wheat. We tried it with some trepidation, as Gary is diabetic.  What would it taste like?  And, most importantly, would it put Gary's blood sugar up? Well, I'd have to rate this pasta an outstanding success!...


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