The South Beach Diet

The South Beach diet is fast rising in popularity.  Based on the glycemic index, the South Beach diet is only moderately low in carbs, making it an easier diet for many people to live with.  

The South Beach Diet: 2005 Daily Boxed Calendar

the South Beach Diet book
The South Beach Diet  is becoming popular.  Its somewhat higher in carbs than the other low carb diets - so much so, that its author claims that its not low carb at all!  - Technically, you could call it a 'moderate carb diet'.  Many people find this diet easier to handle, just because its a bit more generous with the carbs.  Be sure to read the book first!

South Beach Diet news
Check out references to the South Beach diet in the news.  This page is constantly updating, so check back often.

the South Beach Diet becomes a bestseller
The South Beach Diet made the New York Times Bestseller list the first week of publication and has been #1 for the last five consecutive weeks. Out of the 15 weeks it has been on the list, the book has appeared at number 1 seven times.

more South Beach Diet books
More books on the South Beach Diet, the low glycemic index diet that has become so popular.

South Beach Diet recipes
Part of  the secret for diet success is a good collection of recipes!   The recipes in the book are fine to begin with , but, as time moves on, you need a greater variety of  recipes to help you stay on the diet.  Some of the best South Beach diet recipe collections are listed here.

South Beach Diet Cookbook
The official South Beach Diet cookbook. More than 200 recipes for the very popular South Beach diet. 

Do you make these South Beach Diet mistakes?
The South Beach Diet works, for most people. Its low fat, low carb approach helps you lose weight quickly and easily. Health benefits are great too. But there's some easy mistakes you must avoid.

South Beach Diet weblogs and journals
Check out what South Beach dieters are writing in their weblogs.This page is constantly updating, and can cover a variety of entries from the banal to the fascinating, so check back often!

South Beach Diet support 
Having a good support group can make the difference between success and failure on  the South Beach diet. Check out the support groups on this page to find the group thats right for you.

The Glycemic Index
The later stages of the South Beach Diet are based on the Glycemic Index.  The Glycemic Index (GI) measures how quickly blood sugar rises after ingesting a food with carbohydrates. Eating a diet full of foods that have been rated with a high GI may contribute to an increased risk of diabetes and heart disease. 


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