Atkins Diet

The Atkins diet is the grand-daddy of all of the low carb diets out there - its got staying power, and can't really be considered a fad any more.  Many people think they know all about Atkins  (eg they think it has to be high fat, no fruit, some people even think its no veges!).  You must read the New Diet Revolution book for yourself - in fact you can have healthy carbs from the start, and vegetables, in particular are encouraged.

Atkins New Diet Revolution Book
THE Atkins diet book. Dr Atkins New Diet Revolution is the best selling low carb diet, and its been around the longest. 

Atkins Diet News
Check out this page regularly for the latest news on the Atkins diet.

Atkins Death 
Atkins died in April 2004 from a head injury he sustained after falling on an icy New York footpath.  His nutritional legacy is still a subject of heated debate.

Atkins Books
More books on the Atkins diet. Click on a book for more information and reviews.

Atkins Recipe Books
You need a variety of suitable recipes to help you stay on your diet.

Atkins Diet Weblogs and Journals
Take a peek at what Atkins dieters are writing in their weblogs.  This content is constantly changing.

Atkins Diet Support Groups
We strongly recommend that you participate in at least one support group while you're on the Atkins diet - a support group can make all of the difference in helping you to make the best of your diet.

Atkins Diet Calendars
Here's a couple of calendars to help you with your Atkins diet throughout the year


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